Regimental Coat

It’s with an unbelievably huge thanks to Graves Historical Uniforms that we can now share the images of our first Regimental Coat.
The hours of research to get everything just right, and the time spent in production have all paid off hugely. All the members of the group are now looking excitedly forward to wearing their Regimental Coats at Reenactments in the U.K and on Battlefields across the world, following in the historical footsteps of the real 52nd!

Stanstead park 15 - 16 July 2023

Living history, and an accurate portrayal of life in camp is a huge part of what we do with the 52nd. The life of a soldier and all those associated with the regiment wasn’t all battles and floggings. Here at Stanstead park we see 2 examples of this: a laundress – the men could pay to have their clothing washed, dried and even starched. And a soldier of the company, formerly a barber, plying his trade to earn some extra money, maintaining and sharpening his and the mens razors, shaving the men and even offering scented waters for an extra fee of course.

Sleeved waistcoat (fatigue coat)

Here’s a look at a fantastic sleeved waistcoat (fatigue coat) that has been made for us by James at Graves Historical Uniforms

Drill Meeting 12 November 2023

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