Before you fill in this form, please make sure you have contacted us first. We will then invite you to come to one of our events/drill meetings and you can then decide if you want to join us. 

Who are we?

We are a UK-based Living History Group portraying the 52nd Regiment of Foot ‘The Oxfordshire Light Infantry’ 1807 – 1815. We portray the life of the regiment during the turbulent years of the Napoleonic Wars and participate in events throughout the UK and abroad.

Founded in 2022 by a group of passionate Living Historians, with backgrounds ranging from the American Revolutionary War to World War One, who wanted to bring to life the story of the 52nd, Sir John Moore’s original ‘Light Bobs’.

Requirements to join

First, you need to be over the age of 18. As we are a ‘Light Infantry’ regiment, it is important that you are a fairly active person. When you join us, you must attend a full weekend away or come to one of our drill meetings first. This is so you get a chance to meet us, and to experience what re-enacting is all about before you make any commitment. This does mean a certain level of commitment is required, so it is important that you commit to at least four training events and two full events a season.

Important to know

We are in the starting phase of this group, but this does not mean you join a group of new reenactors. Many of us have been doing this hobby for over a decade. The advantage of joining a brand-new group is that not only will everything be shiny and new, but you also join a serious group. If you are into researching, historical accuracy and immersive events, this is the group for you.

All new recruits start as a soldiers, we do not recruit NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) or Officers.

During a reenactment weekend, we expect everyone to help with camp duties. This can be chopping wood, cooking rations, washing up, and of course helping to break down the camp at the end.

Uniform and other kit

We don’t expect you to be fully kitted up on your first event. The unit can lend you some of its spare uniforms for your first event(s). We recommend that you work towards getting your full uniform and equipment in stages over the first 2 years. And don’t worry, we will help you get everything together. Also, we are not going to sugarcoat this, this hobby isn’t cheap, so it will cost you a penny or two.

Legal and Safety Matters

To be able to purchase and fire your musket, you will need to apply for a Shotgun Certificate and Explosive License. These are obtained from your local Police Authority. We take the safety of our members and the public very seriously and require every soldier to take an annual Accreditation Test with us.

Civilian Roles

We aim to portray all aspects of life in the Regiment, not just those with a military rank. Wives, followers, and traders, all add to the living history perspective of the camp life. They provide support for the Regiment at home or overseas.  The same high standard is expected of their clothing and kit for our civilian roles.

Signing up

We ask for a yearly subscription to the group to cover costs. And we would also ask you to join the Napoleonic Association (NA). This means you get to go to NA events, are insured, and receive powder at NA events.

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